Summer in Liberec

During the summer, nature and culture lovers in Liberec Region will not be bored. Liberec has some beautiful buildings from the Middle Ages and the late 19th century. Additionally starts outside Liberec a pristine nature of enormous magnitude. Liberec is also almost at the foot of the popular Giant Mountains. On this page an overview landmarks and details in and around Liberec during the summer.

Zoo Liberec

Dierentuin Zoo Liberec Liberec is the oldest zoo in the Czech Republic! The zoo is about 13 hectares and that means that it is suitable for a nice walk (2 km trail), during the summer and winter.

The zoo is a home to more than 170 species, which means that there are more than 1,000 animals admire, of which 500 animals are protected species by the EEP (European conservation programs).

The zoo also has different feeding programs in which the animals fun tricks to show.


Centrum Babylon

Centrum Babylon Liberec Centrum Babylon is an old factory completely transformed and refurbished as a hotel and entertainment park.

Inside you will also find restaurants, bars, shops, a nightclub, Luna Park (indoor amusement park for the little ones) IQ park (train your brain, for young and old) and of course the popular Aqua Park with tropical pool.

Furthermore Cetrum Babylon have also a wellness center.


Botanical Garden

Botanische tuin Liberec Near the center of Liberec is found. Oldest botanical garden in the Czech Republic is this botanical garden. The botanical garden exits of half-glass buildings and is half covered, so you can visited this place in summer but also during the winter.

The buildings are connected to each other and each represents a different landscape. It's like you go through the whole world within a half hour.

Opposite the botanical garden can is the zoo situated.


Museum Liberec

Museum Liberec Liberec Museum is one of the great museums in the Czech Republic. The largest is in Prague. In addition to a special collection and interesting exhibits is the building itself is an attraction.

The museum was built in Romanesque architecture and was already there for the first world war. The exhibits of nature and archeology can be admired permanently. In addition, the museum for three months with a changing exhibition / exhibition with different and varied themes.

Website: (Engels)


Jested Liberec Jested is the highest mountain in Liberec! Perfect to spend a day. Nature by the top can be visit by/on foot, by car or accessible by cable car. Once you arrived here in the restaurant of a specialty of Jested and try somthing of the Czech cuisine and enjoy the breathtaking view!

On Jested is possible to rent mountain bikes. There are special courses available on the mountain. Also features Jested a special bike lift.