Convenient & fun to book

During your stay at the Apartment Marcella Liberec you can use the extra services below or book one. The services are supplied or by the homeowners themselves or by specially selected partners where Holiday Liberec made​​. Specially favorable prices for you.


Kinderoppas During your stay at the Apartma Marcella Liberec can you book a reliable Dutch-English-Czech-speaking babysitter for a reasonable price.

The babysitter will only fit in the house and does not go along on location.

Prices: Daytime €7,- per hour and when the children sleeps €4,- per hour.

This service is offered by the homeowners themselves.

Typical Czech 3-course dinner

Typisch Tsjechisch 3-gangen diner Curious about the Czech cuisine? Enjoy the Holiday of a typical Czech Liberec 3-course dinner, cooked by the owners and served in the holiday home. Excluding drinks.

Prices: €12,50 per person.

This service is offered by the homeowners themselves.

Various massages

Salon Penelope Through Apartma Marcella Liberec can be at a discount to book massages at the massage parlor Harmony Line. For a surcharge, € 6, - comes masseuse with the massage table to you.

Prices: from €8,- per 30 minutes.

This service is offered by massage parlor. Salon Penelope.